Communication & learning concepts

The three T’s, target, target group, and timeframe, form the basis for all of our concepts. In the best case, a training-needs analysis is done before a learning concept is created. This provides the perfect basis for the concept and ensures that the final product meets the actual needs, and not only the assumed needs. In addition, we place a great amount of value on making content and form go hand in hand with all of our concepts. For example, we pay attention to making sure the learning process is supported by the layout in all of our learning concepts. At the same time, we have an eye for a good balance of information, reflection, practice, and exchange. With communications concepts, for example, it’s important to choose the right style as well as the right channel of communication for the target group.

A selection of just some of our projects

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Course concept, content and media “time management”

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Didactical preparation and design of learning brochure und participant documents

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