Digital media

Something’s happening online. Surely you’ve noticed it: in order to attract user’s attention, things blink and jump and zoom in and out on almost every website. We take advantage of attractive digital content and moving pictures, too – from animated GIFs to newsletters and videos. If you don’t want to do without print versions, we use a synergy of the two with a cross-media solution that works in print and online, and thus exploits all potential possibilities and advantages. “Online only” isn’t always the ideal solution for your project, so we always start with the question: How do we implement your project in order to best reach your target group and achieve your goals? Only then can we decide together if we want to use digital possibilities, or surprise your target group with something quite different. Remember, whether print or online, successful media needs “content over form” and “usefulness over trend”.

A selection of just some of our projects

Animated content

Banner Skyscraper
Banner 234x60
Animierte Inhalte Idea
    Animierte Inhalte Timewarp
Presentation Cover slide


Animierte Inhalte Digitalisierung2
Process graphics

Didaktisch aufbereitetes GIF als teil eines E-Learnings

Didaktisch aufbereitetes GIF als teil eines E-Learnings
Didactically prepared GIFs as part of an E-Learning


Video Scribble   
How-to video (Scribble out of the script)
Video HR   Video SWFP
Short movies (Screenshots)

How-to video

Intranet portals

Intranet Portal 3     Intranet Portal 2
Intranet Portal 1

Interactive documents

Interaktive Dokumente
(Optimized for Internet Explorer)

Cross media

crossmedia 01 01 e 582px


Preparing the print brochure for online usage by adding navigation elements, links, form fields and buttons (e.g. to the registration tool)


Uploading the online brochure and relevant content to the intranet

3Advertising with posters, roll-up posters, flyers, newsletters, banner ...