Education & development marketing

“Marketing for education and development? Don’t need it, we have everything in our intranet.” We hear that a lot, and yet we have to disagree: it’s exactly these development opportunities offered in the intranet that need to be advertised, as they aren’t as noticeable to your employees as a flyer in their hand. The employees have to be active and search for them specifically. And you have to animate them to do that — via targeted marketing matched to your target group and budget, even for smaller print runs. Here you profit in two ways: We are both learning specialists and marketing specialists, and develop individual solutions that integrate both areas. And, of course, we do all that not only in print, but also online.

A selection of just some of our projects

Bildungsmarketing 01 01 1 1200px Learning brochure 2015

Bildungsmarketing 01 01 582px   Bildungsmarketing 01 02 582px Learning brochure und postcard

Labeling tape  Bildungsmarketing 01 03 582px  Labeling toothbrush set

Bildungsmarketing 01 04 582px    Bildungsmarketing 01 05 582px   Bildungsmarketing 01 06 582px
Banner (1.5 x 4 m) and internet

Bildungsmarketing 02 01 1200px Learning brochure (anonymized)

Brochure and notepad

Mediengestaltung 06 02 582px   Mediengestaltung 06 03 582px

Advertising flyer for a training needs analysis

Bildungsmarketing 03 02 582px