Layout & design

Design is our passion  regardless of whether print or online. We create print media such as brochures, flyers, posters, handbooks, cards or banners. We can also create interactive forms and linked digital documents from your print materials for use in intranet and internet. For seminars or conferences, we develop supporting materials such as participant documents, presentations, surveys, certificates, folders and documentation. In addition, we also find fitting imagery, a convincing key visual, or a slick project logo for you. All of this can be done within the framework of your corporate design requirements, or individual and creative.

You don’t have a polished corporate design yet? We would love to work with you to develop individual layout guidelines and templates.

A selection of just some of our projects



Mediengestaltung 03 04 582px
Corporate design manual (with design element skyline) and flyer

Stationery, business card, PowerPoint template and flyer

Mediengestaltung 04 01 582px   Mediengestaltung 04 02 582px

Mediengestaltung 04 03 582px  6 panel flyer (letter fold)

Mediengestaltung 05 02 340pxLogo development and corporate design 

 BrochureMediengestaltung 05 01 582px

Valentine's greetings for Allianz

Mediengestaltung 08 02 1200px

Mediengestaltung 02 01 582px Invitation cards